Water Vapor Cigarettes: A Healthy Alternative

A “water vapor cigarette” is basically another name for an electronic cigarette. Some other names are electric cigarettes or smokeless. All of these terms are interchangeable and cover any brand or style of e-cig even though they vary quite a bit. You can find small ones to large ones and each type has something specific that makes it different yet worthwhile than something else.

The main draw of these products is that what you inhale is just water vapor instead of hundreds of chemicals like those found in traditional cigarettes and cigars. This is an obvious health improvement for those looking to continue smoking now that it’s very expensive and banned in many places. Each year, the ban spreads to more and more areas as well like public parks or even entire sections of downtown blocks.

Let’s look at a few different types of electronic cigarette.

The Mini

The mini style can sometimes go by the term “super-mini” but this is the smallest type of e-cig on the market today. The mini is roughly ½ the size of a Bic pen and looks like a small cigarette. If you’re familiar with Marlboro 72’s, they are very similar in dimensions to this. They have a very low profile and that leads to pretty limited battery life. If you puff constantly, it could drain the battery in as little as 20 minutes. If you only puff here and there, like they recommend, you might get 2 hours or so out of a fully charged battery. The Blu and Safecig Micro are good examples of mini e-cigs.

The Standard

Standard e-cigs try to look exactly like a traditional cigarette and they do. They are about the same dimensions and depending on the battery size could be like “kings” or “100s”. The standard type of e-cig can last about 4 hours with constant use or all day if you only puff on it here and there. You can find these in all kinds of colors and styles so if you prefer something that looks a little different, you can find it in this size easily. You can customize the battery color and LED tip color to your heart’s content. Some standard sized e-cigs are the Njoy Npro, Safecig and Greensmoke.


The pen-style e-cig looks similar to a pen with a LED tip. This is a more customizable version of the standard and is easier to refill with whatever e-juice you like. You can buy all sorts of parts for these like manual batteries, tank cartridges, special filler material for the mouthpieces and much more. The battery life on the pen-style is superb, lasting longer than any smaller version available. This style is usually a three-piece and that can require a little more tinkering than a regular two-piece but many prefer it. A pen-style would be a Joye 510.

Big Units

You can get e-cigars as well as large e-cig’s users refer to as “screwdrivers” because they vaguely look like a screwdriver. These have batteries that last for days on end and you rarely need to refill them because they come with a reservoir type tip. These don’t look much like anything you’re used to as an average smoker but work a lot better than smaller ones. It’s kind of a trade-off on performance vs. appearance.

Choosing an e-cig is completely up to your personal preference so do a little research and see what kind suits you the best.

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