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Believe it or not, Camel celebrates its 100 year anniversary in 2013. That makes them one of the longest selling brands of cigarettes in the US. Camel cigarettes have always had a reputation as being the brand of choice for the hard-worker or the rebel. Marlboro seems to have taken the very top spot but Camel remains a very close second for many smokers when it comes to AAA brand smokes.

Camel has had a lot of marketing systems over the years with the most popular two things being Joe Camel, the happy dromedary that is the epitome of “cool” and Camel Bucks, little coupons that could be saved up and exchanged for unique Camel items such as lighters, camping gear, coupons and even cartons of cigarettes.

Over the years as cigarettes have been more and more frowned upon, Joe Camel has all but disappeared and Camel Bucks are no more. A lot of items from that Camel Bucks catalog are now sought after collectors’ items that sell quite well on e-bay.

Camel Cigarette Types

Traditional – The most popular types of camel cigarettes are their traditional, full-flavor kings and the 100s with Camel Lights and Light 100s coming in second. They also offer 99’s which are basically a middle ground between the kings and 100s.

Menthol – Camel Menthol aren’t as popular as Marlboro or Newports but they make up for this by offering some interesting blends like Turkish Mint.

Other – Camel offers some unique types of cigarette that really set them apart from the crowd. Camel Wides are larger diameter cigarettes and Ultra Lights offer decent flavor while giving less tar and nicotine. Camel is one of the few brands that offers non-filter cigarettes as well.

Snuf- Camel was one of the first major brands to incorporate chewing tobacco packets called Snuf into their product line. This product seems to be a popular alternative for times when smoking isn’t an option but is still rather harmful.

Current Camel Cigarette Promos

Like other major brands, to keep people interested, Camel has started some new promotions for loyal customers. Since the 100 year anniversary is approaching Camel is offering a “Humptennial” promotion on their website with 99,999 prizes available this year and probably more next year when the anniversary really hits.

If you sign up on their official website, you can take part in all their promotions and you’ll also get coupons in the mail and your e-mail every few weeks. Many times, you can save quite a bundle on your cigarettes and you’ll also learn about their newest products. A new one is called Camel Strips which are dissolvable nicotine strips for use in places you can’t smoke.

Camel and E-cigs

Most e-cig companies will offer a few “Camel” flavors that try hard to emulate the exact flavor you’re used to smoking regulars or lights. These come as refills or e-juices and can go by a variety of names though it tends to be “Kamel” “Arabia” or some variation that you should be able to associate with Camel cigarettes in some way. The e-juice versions of Camel come in a variety of strengths so you can tailor the amount of nicotine you’re getting. This can make using an e-cig a good way to substitute your smoking in places where you can’t smoke like the workplace or public recreational areas. Some airlines even allow it.

Camels will remain one of the top brands as they always have and though they can be more expensive than some, will probably retain their loyal customer base until regular cigarettes are completely banned (if that ever happens).

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