How To Quit Smoking – Learn Easy, Realistic & Fun Methods To Quit!

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Quitting smoking is at the top of every smokers “to do” list and it gets re-emphasized every New Years Day. Why is quitting so incredibly hard for us? Is it really the chemical addiction or is there something more to it? Different studies tell us different things and the real issue is personal for each of us so you can’t really use a blanket approach to find out why we smoke. It could be something we picked up at work, maybe we like the feeling it produces, and maybe that menthol feeling is just something we enjoy.

No matter what the reason, trying to quit smoking is one of the hardest things we’ll ever have to do. The first step is to make that all important decision of choosing a quit date. Once a realistic date is in place a few weeks or months from now, it’s time to choose the quit smoking method you think will work the best. Here are the top methods for quitting smoking right now.

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Nicotine Gum

One of the earliest quit smoking products was the nicotine gum. This remains extremely popular today and offers you a bit of flexibility in how you use it. The current flavors you can get are regular, mint, cinnamon and tropical in the major Nicorette brand and some off-brands offer you a couple extra flavors in addition to these.

Nicotine gum comes in a few strengths but the best way to be successful is to buy the large, expensive step-down kit. It will start you with high nicotine level gum and you’ll work your way down over a few weeks until you’re just chewing normal gum. This is a tried and true quit smoking method that many people have used. By having something to put in your mouth every couple hours, it satisfies that oral need a little bit.

Nicotine Lozenges

Relatively new, the lozenges are made by the same company as the gum, Nicorette. They work in almost the exact same way except you have something to suck on instead of chew. This releases nicotine a little faster than the gum due to how it’s made and can be a good option if the gum doesn’t seem appealing. Some choose to use lozenges and gum at the same time used in an alternating manner.

Lozenges offer the step-down method as well and are a good option if you simply don’t like gum, have dental issues or just know it’s the better option. Off-brands are a little cheaper and can be found at stores like CVS/Pharmacy.

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches come so highly recommended, if you’re a smoker and end up having inpatient surgery at a hospital, they’ll offer you patches. This is a good sign because it tells us doctors really approve of this method. The patches work all day and slowly deliver nicotine into your system so you don’t ever get that overwhelming urge to pick up a cigarette. In theory, this should be the best thing ever to help quit smoking.

Does the patch work? Well, it depends on you pretty much. Some people love it but others miss having something to hold in their hand or put in their mouth. You can combine the patch with a sucker or something to chew on and that helps sometimes.


One of the newest and most fun ways to quit smoking is by switching completely to an electronic cigarette or “e-cig”. This device emulates smoking almost exactly but leaves out all those harmful cancer causing chemicals found in normal cigarettes. An e-cig comes with a battery and some refills and all you have to do is charge the battery, attach a refill and you’re ready to go.

When you inhale, the battery heats up a heating element built into the refill with water vapor, nicotine and flavoring. That’s it. You get the satisfaction of smoking plus the nicotine you’re craving at the same time. Doctors and the media are starting to report on these devices more and more because they really work and are better for you. You can tailor the amount of nicotine in them to create your own step-down method and e-cigs are cheaper than all the other quit smoking methods.

To really be successful when you’re ready to quit smoking, figure out what will work the best for you and stick with it. Combinations might be a good option too. You can use a patch combined with nicotine free e-cigs for example to create your own quit smoking program in a style you can stick with.

Today is the best time ever to formulate a plan. There’s great stuff on the market and your friends and family have probably been hounding you for months or years. Why not take that step to smoking freedom right now? Check out this video below to find out how to get a free trial e-cig kit.

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Roll Your Own Cigarettes or Electronic Cigarettes: What’s The Best Deal?

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Buying cigarettes every day or every payday is a necessary evil for a lot of us. Sure it’s bad for you, we all know the risks, but it’s something we enjoy and look forward to. Cigarettes help us relieve stress and take advantage of smoke breaks on the job. Of course cigarettes are addicting but many of us made the choice long ago to be smokers and have been ever since.

To help offset the expensive price of name brand pre-packaged cigarettes like Marlboro, roll your own’s are a great option. You can usually get two or three times the amount of cigarettes for the same price and depending on the tobacco; they can actually taste better than expensive brands. If you add in a rolling machine that uses cigarette tubes, you end up with a roll your own that looks just like a regular cigarette.

A great thing about roll your own tobacco is you have complete freedom over what you’re actually smoking. There’s organic tobacco, special blends and even combinations of flavors. This customization is a big draw but it can take some getting used to if you’ve smoked a particular pack for years.

Roll Your Own Savings

Buying bulk tobacco from a smoke shop or online can save you more than you might think. A pound of tobacco in 2012 sells for around $30 after taxes and you can roll roughly 450 cigarettes and that’s a little over two cartons worth. Typical cheap cigarettes will cost close to $50 for a carton. You simply can’t deny that you’re saving a ton by doing it this way.

Naturally, where you live will have a big impact on prices so your best bet might be to simply order your tobacco online where prices are very competitive. You can often find packs that contain a pound of tobacco plus enough tubes to roll it all up. If you’re a heavy smoker, you’ll pay about $2000 annually for brand name packs as opposed to about $600 or $800 if you roll them yourself.

Consider Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are becoming extremely popular among smokers who are looking to save some money and eliminate some of the health risks associated with normal smoking. With an electronic you’re cutting out all those harmful chemicals and instead are inhaling and exhaling water vapor while getting all the nicotine you’re used to.

Prices of electronic cigarettes vary depending on the brand and style you get but after the initial investment of $30-$100, you’re going to pay between $300 and $500 per year for refills. You can cut that price in half by using e-juice to refill your cartridges instead.

You can see the difference with these two options compared to expensive pre-packaged cigarettes right away and there’s really no comparison if you want to save a few bucks. Both rollies and e-cigs offer good alternatives and you could even use both at once so you’re able to smoke in places normal smoking isn’t allowed.

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Discount Cigarettes: Is it Cheaper To Go Fully Electronic?

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Discount cigarettes can be your main brand or something you fall back on when you’re between paydays or you miss some work. Some people think that all discount cigarettes are simply not as good as the well-known brands like Camel and Newport but this isn’t really true at all. In many cases, they are made by the same company.  A great example is Camel. This is a well-known brand that is considered one of the best out there. The same manufacturer, RJ Reynolds also produces Pall Mall. Pall Mall is labeled a “discount cigarette” but many people actually prefer these to Camels.

Pall Mall switched to an all organic blend not long ago and they are actually comparable to American Spirit cigarettes but at about 2/3 the price. The difference between these and Camels is simply the type of tobacco and where it’s actually made. Not much more. It’s certainly not stuff swept off the Camel factory floor as some rumors might have you believe. Doral, Kool, Winston and Salem are all RJ Reynolds products too.

Discount cigarettes get a bad rap for a simple reason. They don’t cost as much and to some that lowers their overall status. If you don’t like discount cigarettes or find that they seem to be costing as much as more popular brands, a great solution is simply to switch over to electronic cigarettes instead.

How Electronic Cigarettes Work

An electronic cigarette is actually a very simple device. It’s basically a battery connected to a heating element with a mouthpiece. As you puff, the battery sends a charge to the heating element (atomizer) and this evaporates the liquid containing nicotine found around the atomizer. This produces a nice plume of satisfying, nicotine filled vapor.

You can order electronic cigarette liquids in all kinds of styles including similar representations of your favorite brands. Even discount cigarettes like Mavericks have their own e-juice out there and people really like the taste. In some cases they like the electronic version more than the real thing.

Electronic Cigarettes vs Discount Cigarettes Annually

A typical pack of discount cigarettes will cost you between $4.25 and $5.50 depending on where you live. If you smoke a pack a day, you’re spending roughly $1825 each year on these. Most people will buy more than a pack a day or alternate with more expensive brands making this figure even higher. If you buy a $100 e-cig starter kit, a year’s worth of refill cartridges will run around $500 or so. If you choose to refill them, you can cut that price even more.

It’s pretty obvious that discount cigarettes can save you a few bucks each week compared to popular brands but making the switch to electronics can save you so much you might not even believe it. It’s a massive savings if you switch completely. If you just substitute here and there you’ll still save money, just not as much as a full switch.

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Lucky Strike Cigarettes: Can E-Juice Taste Similar?

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Usually these are sold in a non-filtered pack and this is a pretty niche audience these days. They put out a filtered version in the 1990s and you can still find some of these online or in specialty tobacco shops but they aren’t particularly widespread.

Due to the popularity of this brand, naturally e-juice makers have tried hard to emulate the distinct flavor that makes them unique. Unfortunately, there’s only a few out there that seem to have come close. Here’s a couple of them.

Toasty Tobacco from The Vapor Room

This is a “burley” tobacco flavored e-juice that aims to give you that toasty taste people associate with Lucky Strikes. Since that toasty flavor is made when the tobacco and paper is burned, it’s one of the most difficult flavors to get just right. Looking at some reviews online and in forums, this particular e-juice seems to be the preferred blend for Lucky Strike cigarette smokers who are looking for something as close as possible.

Honey Flue from Backwoods Brew

Some say this is a good alternative for Lucky smokers but some say it’s a tad sweeter. Either way, it’s a solid tobacco flavor created in the US by some well-respected e-juice makers. You really can’t go wrong with anything from Backwoods Brew when it comes to their tobacco flavors. Many people have fully quit smoking by using their e-juices and they come highly recommended among experienced e-cig users.

Lucky Strike from Fresh Smoking

This is a relatively small company but they try pretty hard to create reasonable facsimiles of normal brands like Marlboro and Camel. They have a very hardcore following on certain forums and they come highly recommended. They have very reasonable prices compared to some of the bigger guys so that’s a definite plus.

The Best Regular Tobacco Flavors

Lucky Strike has such a unique taste that people will really expect to find something that tastes exactly like it but will be disappointed. The best solution is to find a different tobacco flavor entirely that you like. There’s some really good ones out there and you can find them all over the place. Some great e-juice makers are Alien Visions, Backwoods Brew, Health Cabin, Halo, and of course, name brands like Greensmoke.

A great tip for choosing a tobacco flavor is to simply start high. Get a “high” nicotine level such as 18mg or 24mg. If it’s too strong, you might want to try a 12mg next time. If you’re coming directly from Lucky Strikes though, you’ll probably be looking for something strong that will satisfy your craving and still taste pretty good.

You can’t go wrong with most companies as long as you take a few moments to read their user reviews about specific juices. Use caution if you decide to order from China because some of their bulk packs of refills can taste a bit strange. They are best used to puff on until empty then refill with a better quality e-juice.

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Herbal Cigarettes: Are They as Safe as Electronic Cigarettes?

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Ecstacy herbal cigarettes are still available today but some other types have been off the market for quite some time. Clove cigarettes that many people considered “herbal” were banned some time ago and a lot of brands that used cloves disappeared too.

If you’re a clove smoker, your only real option today is to get an electronic cigarette with some clove flavored e-juice. It’s extremely popular and tastes almost exactly like Djarums and other clove brands.

Herbal Cigarettes vs Electronic Cigarettes

Herbal cigarettes, while claiming to be better for you than normal cigarettes, still had some of the same issues related to health. You still have to burn them and that burning process is one of the main proven factors for lung cancer and other conditions. You might be inhaling less chemicals than a normal cigarette but you’re still inhaling smoke and that’s just horrible for you. There are a select few herbal cigarettes that don’t require burning but then you’re really just sucking on a straw full of herbs.

Electronic cigarettes are available now and you can find most of your favorite herbal flavors recreated in a much safer form. E-juice contains barely any ingredients at all and when you vaporize it, you’re basically inhaling water vapor. You can also tailor the amount of nicotine you want in them from “high” levels to none at all. Being able to enjoy your favorite herbal flavors like clove without any harmful side effects if very appealing to people so these flavors are very popular. You can get clove flavored e-juices at almost every major e-juice website and they’ll offer you a variety. Ecstascy flavored juices also can be found here and there.

Another benefit of going electronic over herbal is price. Herbal cigarettes remain about the same price as traditional packs of smokes but you should smoke less of the herbal type throughout the year. If you compare that to a starter kit from an e-cig company along with a few bottles of e-juice in the flavors you like, the e-cig definitely wins the price battle.

In some areas, you might not even be able to purchase herbal cigarettes due to strict regulations as well. In many US states you simply can’t find any unless you order them online and that doesn’t always guarantee they’ll be fresh or what you’re looking for exactly. Playing it safe and switching to an electronic cigarette with herbal flavors is definitely the easiest option and in the long run, it’s easier on your pocketbook as well.

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Cheap Electronic Cigarettes: Who Delivers Quality and Affordability

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Let’s face it, times are tough all over and it’s easy to stay in the same routine we’re in. We scrape by paycheck to paycheck and barely have enough to cover cigarettes and gas until the next payday. People will say “just quit smoking then” but they don’t realize how difficult that really is. For many people, you could say it’s downright impossible. Gums and quitting cold turkey don’t really work for everyone and even prescription medications don’t work for everyone or the side effects make quitting even more irritating.

Electronic cigarettes offer people a good, affordable solution that isn’t a temporary fix like gums and patches.  You can use an e-cig as a step-down method to quit smoking or as a complete replacement for times when you can’t smoke a normal cigarette or to completely replace smoking. A couple years ago electronic cigarettes were very expensive but today, you can find complete starter kits and disposables at very cheap prices.  Here are some best buys as of September 2012.


Smoketip has been around for quite a long but they remain under the radar a bit. They sell a standard sized e-cig that looks almost exactly like a normal cigarette. This company has really improved their technology over the past two years so the batteries last longer and the refills hold more juice. This is one of the cheapest brands out there for the amount of accessories and batteries you get with a single kit.


Njoy is probably the oldest e-cig company and they offer some cheap e-cig units that you can try before committing to a full kit at all. Njoy has a very nice USB cig that operates via USB port and doesn’t require charging. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go.  Njoy used to be one of the more expensive brands but today they are among the cheapest. They also are one of the few companies out there putting disposable e-cigs on the market.


JoyeTech products can only be purchased online most of the time but they have some of the cheapest products of them all. These usually come in the form of the Joye 510 which is a “pen-style” e-cig. It doesn’t particularly look like a normal cigarette but it works better than most of the smaller styles. Long time e-cig users will almost always recommend this as a “first e-cig” for new users because it helps familiarize you with all the parts and how things work. These are also refillable making it extremely cheap to use long-term with cheap e-juices.


Disposable units are popping up all over both online and in physical stores like gas stations and smoke shops. These are meant to be used for just a day or so then thrown away or recycled. Like mentioned above, Njoy has a well-known disposable e-cig. You can find some cheap third-party brands out there as well.

Finding a cheap electronic cigarette can be a great first step to being a successful non-smoker or can be something simply to help you cut down and save money. The initial investment should only be between $25 and $50 for a small starter kit plus some refills or e-juices. Keep in mind that some of the cheaper kits won’t have bells and whistles like a fancy case or customizable parts but you can always upgrade to a new brand or buy accessories later on.

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E-Cigarette Brands: What’s the current best buy?

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Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs have boomed in popularity lately and many consider them the best alternative to cigarettes of all time. They satisfy that cigarette craving better than a patch or gum because they emulate the actual act of smoking. E-cigarettes look like cigarettes, and function almost the same way. You can hold them between your fingers and when you take a drag, smoke is produce in the form of water vapor.

Obviously this presents a unique opportunity to quit smoking successfully but many people choose to use an e-cigarette in places they just can’t smoke. Offices, restaurants, bars and other public places are good examples of places normal cigarettes are banned but e-cig are not.

There’s a number of brands of e-cigarette available today and each one offers something unique whether it’s price, style, or flavor.

The Blu

The Blu is one of the most popular brands of mini e-cig available right now. They offer very compact e-cigs that come with a personal charging case in most of their starter kits. This lets you charge the case then use it while on the go to keep your batteries fully charged. The case is roughly the same size as a normal pack of cigarettes but the overall length of the e-cig is quite small. These are very portable but suffer from pretty short battery life. You can get quite a few flavor refills with the Blu like vanilla, cherry, mocha and more.

The Greensmoke

A favorite of thousands of e-cig users, the Greensmoke offers a very normal looking e-cig. It’s roughly the same size as a traditional e-cig and the one fully charged battery could potentially last all day if you use it here and there. You can get a huge assortment of battery lengths, charger types and flavors from this company and they are reasonably priced compared to similar brands.

The Smoketip

Similar to the Greensmoke in style, the Smoketip offers one of the cheapest starter kits available as of summer 2012. You might pay ½ as much as you would for a starter kit somewhere else and it works great. This brand doesn’t offer as many flavors but if you buy refills from another company or refill them yourself, this can be a great investment.


Njoy is one of the oldest e-cig companies around and while they used to be quite expensive, today they have dropped their prices to be one of the most affordable. They offer unique items like disposable e-cigs with a recycling program. If you send back 10, you get a pack for free. They also have USB e-cigs that you can use without charging as long as you’re at a PC. Njoy doesn’t have a lot of flavors and their cartomizers are notoriously hard to refill but you can buy new 5-packs of cartomizers pretty cheaply.

There’s a ton of lesser known brands out there that may offer better prices or specific flavors you might be looking for and many of them work very well. US and UK made e-cigs tend to be a little more reliable than models from China but it can be fun to experiment with different brands and compatible parts to see what you like best.

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Water Vapor Cigarettes: A Healthy Alternative

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A “water vapor cigarette” is basically another name for an electronic cigarette. Some other names are electric cigarettes or smokeless. All of these terms are interchangeable and cover any brand or style of e-cig even though they vary quite a bit. You can find small ones to large ones and each type has something specific that makes it different yet worthwhile than something else.

The main draw of these products is that what you inhale is just water vapor instead of hundreds of chemicals like those found in traditional cigarettes and cigars. This is an obvious health improvement for those looking to continue smoking now that it’s very expensive and banned in many places. Each year, the ban spreads to more and more areas as well like public parks or even entire sections of downtown blocks.

Let’s look at a few different types of electronic cigarette.

The Mini

The mini style can sometimes go by the term “super-mini” but this is the smallest type of e-cig on the market today. The mini is roughly ½ the size of a Bic pen and looks like a small cigarette. If you’re familiar with Marlboro 72’s, they are very similar in dimensions to this. They have a very low profile and that leads to pretty limited battery life. If you puff constantly, it could drain the battery in as little as 20 minutes. If you only puff here and there, like they recommend, you might get 2 hours or so out of a fully charged battery. The Blu and Safecig Micro are good examples of mini e-cigs.

The Standard

Standard e-cigs try to look exactly like a traditional cigarette and they do. They are about the same dimensions and depending on the battery size could be like “kings” or “100s”. The standard type of e-cig can last about 4 hours with constant use or all day if you only puff on it here and there. You can find these in all kinds of colors and styles so if you prefer something that looks a little different, you can find it in this size easily. You can customize the battery color and LED tip color to your heart’s content. Some standard sized e-cigs are the Njoy Npro, Safecig and Greensmoke.


The pen-style e-cig looks similar to a pen with a LED tip. This is a more customizable version of the standard and is easier to refill with whatever e-juice you like. You can buy all sorts of parts for these like manual batteries, tank cartridges, special filler material for the mouthpieces and much more. The battery life on the pen-style is superb, lasting longer than any smaller version available. This style is usually a three-piece and that can require a little more tinkering than a regular two-piece but many prefer it. A pen-style would be a Joye 510.

Big Units

You can get e-cigars as well as large e-cig’s users refer to as “screwdrivers” because they vaguely look like a screwdriver. These have batteries that last for days on end and you rarely need to refill them because they come with a reservoir type tip. These don’t look much like anything you’re used to as an average smoker but work a lot better than smaller ones. It’s kind of a trade-off on performance vs. appearance.

Choosing an e-cig is completely up to your personal preference so do a little research and see what kind suits you the best.

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Njoy Disposable Electronic Cigarette: A Great Gift Idea

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Njoy is a well-known electronic cigarette company and was one of the very first to really go mainstream a few years ago. Njoy products became very popular in traditional smokeshops and quickly caught on as cigarette bans began taking effect all across the US. Njoy electronic cigarettes offered people a way to continue smoking in places they were used to while legally avoiding the ban. This is very useful if you work downtown and your old smoke break area vanished.

Not long ago, Njoy began producing a disposable model of their two-piece electronic cigarette and it’s quickly become one of their best selling products. You can buy them as singles, two-packs and three-packs and each unit is equivalent to about two traditional packs of cigarettes. You don’t have to worry about recharging them or buying refills so these are a great way to become familiar with how e-cigs work and whether or not you like them.

How a Disposable E-cig Works

A disposable Njoy e-cig is basically a two-piece model made from less expensive materials so when you’re done you can throw it away or use the Njoy recycling program. The battery isn’t as high quality as a permanent one but the cartridge and atomizer are actually just a standard refill that the Njoy e-cigs all use. When you take it out of the package, it’s fully charged and ready to go. Just take a puff and you get a nice amount of vapor in tobacco or menthol flavor. As you take a puff, a little LED light on the end lights up, making it look like you’re smoking a normal cigarette. Njoy actually has one of the best looking LED tips of any e-cig available today.

Using a Disposable E-cig

It’s very easy to use and is pretty self-explanatory if you’ve ever smoked a normal cigarette. All you need to do is take a puff on the mouthpiece. It will generate vapor automatically and shut off after a couple of seconds delivering the perfect amount of nicotine. That’s all there is to it.

After using it for a while, you should notice that your clothes, hair or car don’t smell like cigarettes like they usually would. This is a very nice bonus of using any type of e-cig.

The Appearance of the Disposable

The Njoy disposable is actually one of the best looking disposable models available right now. There’s a couple styles available. One version is solid white while the other has the traditional white tube with tan/brown filter. They both look very sleek with a nice end tip that glows orange/red like just like a normal cigarette.

A disposable e-cig makes a really good gift for people you know at work, family members and longtime friends who smoke because people may not be too familiar with e-cigs even though they are very popular right now. They even make disposable e-cigars for special occasions or for the cigar smoker in your family.

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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits: What Are Your Options?

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Starter kits are the easiest way for anyone to start using e-cigs. They come with everything you could need like batteries, chargers, refills and other accessories. Starter kits will be a little more expensive than a stand-alone unit but overall, it’s the best deal around due to the accessories. Chargers alone can cost between $20 and $30 depending on the manufacturer.

When deciding what electronic cigarette starter kit to purchase, you will need to keep a few things in mind so you get the type of kit best suited to your tastes. Some thing you can get a starter kit based on are size of the e-cig, number of refills, amount of extra accessories, price or simply a preferred brand.

E-cig Size and Appearance

The thing people first notice about e-cig starter kits is the size and appearance of the e-cig it comes with. Small units like the Blu or Safecig Micro don’t last as long as a Greensmoke or normal Safecig but are easier to carry around and can charge on the go. The standard sized e-cigs last longer per charge and may have more flavor options. The Blu is solid black colored while the others look like regular cigarettes. The overall look and size of an e-cig is very important to any new user so many will base their first starter kit choice heavily on this.

Number of Refills

Different sized starter kits come with different refill amounts. A Greensmoke Express starter kit only comes with 5 refills but a Love Bird kit comes with 20. Every brand will have small to large sized starter kits and the main difference is the number of refills and batteries included. It’s almost always a better idea to choose a larger kit initially because you’ll eventually need additional batteries and accessories anyway.


Let’s be honest, the price really matters and in the e-cig world there isn’t anything you could consider average priced just yet. Starter kits vary wildly in price from $30 to over $200. The more expensive ones are usually easiest to use right out of the box, come with neat extras like USB cigs and huge piles of refills and extra batteries but a $30 can be pretty easy to upgrade over time. The cheap ones tend to be the older models that require a bit more maintenance but can be a good way to get into e-cigs in the first place.


Just like normal cigarettes, e-cigs have a lot of brands available and some seem to have a better reputation than others. As of 2012, the most popular brands available are Greensmoke, Safecig, Njoy, Blu, Smoketip and Joye. There seems to be a new brand popping up every week so it’s hard to say what brands are in it for the long haul. Blu is by far the most popular mini brand and the standard sized e-cigs seem pretty evenly split between Greensmoke, Safecig and Njoy.

It’s really up to you to decide what seems the best in regards to a starter kit. Maybe you’re looking for a ton of accessories you can use on the go or maybe you want something with a USB cig to use at home. You have a lot of options at your disposal so do some price comparisons to ensure you get the best deal for what you want.

You can even find free starter kits from some manufacturers but make sure to read the contract. You have two weeks to decide to keep it or not before you’re charged.

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