Free Electronic Cigarette Starter Pack (Trial Offer)

Hello Soon-To-Be Nonsmokers,

Like many of you, I have smoked for well over a decade and much to the dismay of friends, family and loved ones, I enjoy smoking and even though deep down I would like to quit, I just never thought it was the right time. This has been going on for a whopping 17 years and even with people begging me, I just didn’t want to give it up.

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I tried cutting down and that worked until something arose to cause me stress or I simply got bored. This all changed when I went to a Farmer’s Market and saw a huge sign that said “Try A Free Electric Cigarette Sample Today!”. Normally I would have walked by this little booth but noticed a bunch of people standing around smoking.

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As I got closer, I realized they weren’t smoking real cigarettes at all but instead something that looked like one. This was some kind of promotion so I waited in line and got my free electric cigarette sample and gave it a try.

It didn’t take more than a few minutes of chit chat with other people participating in this little free electric cigarette trial and just a few puffs to know this is what I’d need if I really wanted to have a healthier life while appeasing loved ones who didn’t want me to keep smoking. I discussed the flavor and the ingredients of what was in one of these electric cigarettes and I was assured it was much healthier than a regular smoke while still having the nicotine that I craved.

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I left the booth with my free trial electric cigarette which I later found out was a “disposable e-cig” model and I also bought an electric cigarette starter kit they were selling.

This is what happened:

The first couple days I smoked my regular brand but only about half as much. The rest of the time I used this electric cigarette.

After a couple weeks I decided to order a lot of refills and quit normal cigarettes completely.

My sense of smell gradually returned. I didn’t realize I even lost it.

Food tasted amazing.

My clothes, the house and the car didn’t stink anymore. I never knew they did in the first place.

I showed my electric cigarette to my boss and he said it was fine if I smoked it at work.

After a while I started to recognize that I didn’t have to scramble between paydays for cigarette money either. It used to be the few days before a paycheck I’d be broke and if I ran out of smokes I wasn’t terribly pleasant to be around. For some reason, I actually still had money in my pocket. Was the electric cigarette why?

I calculated how much I’d spend in a year on my normal brand which costs $6 a pack. This came to $2000 if I only smoked 1/2 a pack here and there. The total cost for a year’s worth of electric cigarette supplies PLUS that initial starter kit was $725. Keep in mind this was a year ago when electric cigarettes were fairly new and expensive. If I had smoked these for the past 17 years, I would have saved over $20,000. That’s something to think about…

Today, you can even find free electric cigarette starter packs and electric cigarette trial offers that only have you pay shipping of about $5 with no obligation at all. I couldn’t believe these products had gotten so much cheaper in just a year.

If you are a smoker or know a smoker, I’m going to tell you straight up to get yourself or someone you know a free electric cigarette starter pack or trial offer of some kind. There’s some on this site and not only will you notice an improvement in health, you’ll be saving a bunch of money in the long run.

If you don’t like it, just send it back and they won’t even charge you. There’s no reason NOT to give it a try.

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