E-Cigarette Forums: Learning From Others

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Forums have been around for a long time and are a great way for people with similar interests to share experiences, tips and knowledge on various subjects. Since e-cigarettes are pretty new, there are only a handful of good ones and if you just look here and there randomly, it can be a frustrating experience trying to find the ones that are actually useful, especially if you’re new and looking for something genuinely useful.

It’s pretty easy for a web designer to simply tack on a forum to their website and then pay a company to fill it up with posts that look vaguely related and there’s a ton of forums like this around. The overall goal for those forums is just to get visitors to view their ads or eventually purchase stuff. It’s hard to recognize immediately but it happens more than you think.

How To Find A Good E-cig Forum

The main things to look for when finding a forum are the number of daily users, the amount of thread categories and the overall tone of the forum itself. One of the most popular e-cig forums is simply called “ecf” or “ecigforums”. It has a large, well established community, everyone is very helpful, there’s no bad language or weird pictures and they aren’t trying to sell you something or join some sort of membership. Not that all the unusual ones are bad, they just might not appeal to your average person.

A good forum will have a large base of daily, helpful moderators and long-time users so when you ask a question about something, you’ll get an answer within a few minutes most of the time. If your topic is ignored for more than about 12 hours, you should probably look for something a little better.

Forums to Avoid

A bad forum can be difficult to spot at first but some key items should be pretty noticeable. The first clue to a bad forum will be ads. Usually they’ll be on the sides of the screen but some will jam them right between entire forum posts. This is very annoying but luckily easy to spot. Another bad sign will be a lack of good English. This is usually just an attempt to get a forum started and can actually lead to a good forum eventually so you might register and check back on it later. The bad English posts usually come from companies that specialize it trying to kickstart forums when they first show up.

What forum you end up on really depends on what you’re looking for in a forum combined with your own personal tastes. There’s some really funny forums as well as some that are very serious. Some are newcomer friendly while others are geared more toward those using modded e-cigs. It’s not a bad idea to join a couple and simply see which one is what you’re looking for and clicks best with you personally.

Here’s some popular e-cig forums:




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Fake Cigarettes: If They Work Are They Really Fake?

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Electronic cigarettes go by many names like smokeless cigarettes, vapor cigarettes and even fake cigarettes. These terms are all for the same thing but depending on where you first heard about them or where you live, you’ve probably heard at least one of these terms. This type of device is a fairly new product that has gained in popularity tremendously over the past couple of years due to technology improvements and a big drop in prices.

People have started using e-cigs successfully for cigarette replacement devices and by doing this you can smoke where normal smoking is banned or even develop your own quit smoking program using e-cig refills of different strengths. A lot of people have success stories posted all around the Internet and because you keep the physical actions involved in smoking, it seems to be a great quitting method.

How an Electronic Cigarette Works

The main components of an e-cig are the battery, atomizer and e-liquid. The battery gets charged then attaches to the atomizer with the e-liquid held near it. When you take a puff, the battery sends a charge to the atomizer causing the e-liquid to evaporate. When you inhale, you’re getting pure water vapor with nicotine and some flavor and it’s quite satisfying, especially if you’re a normal smoker.

Electronic Cigarette Styles

One of the neat things about e-cigs is that you can choose from quite a few different styles. If you want a tiny black one you can get it. If you’d rather have an extra-long pink one, they make those too. You can even find variations that have custom wrappings of your favorite sports team, country flag and more. The shorter models don’t have much battery life but often come with a special pack that charges them while they’re in it.

Starter Kits vs Disposables

Today you’re able to buy starter kits that are permanent use kits with everything you need to use your e-cig for months minus extra refills but you can also pick up cheaper, disposable models that equate to about 2 packs of cigarettes. These disposable models are a good way to check out e-cigs and they also make great gifts for smokers you know.

The thing to keep in mind is that a starter kit will usually give you a lot of options when it comes to available flavors and ways to charge your batteries but a disposable probably won’t come with a lot of options in regards to flavors or strengths.

Fake cigarettes are gaining in popularity so much lately you’ve probably seen them on television without realizing what they were. They’ve been on talk shows like Dr. Oz and late night shows like Jay Leno and some sitcoms have even showed popular celebrities using them here and there. They don’t mention them much but that’s what those glowing sticks are that they smoke sometimes.

The prices for these products is at an all-time low due to companies making their own parts and having access to top of the line technology. You can make them even cheaper by using your own e-juice bought from other places to refill them.

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Benefits of Quitting Smoking: Longer Life, Healthier Lifestyle

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It’s pretty obvious that there are numerous benefits to your mind and body by quitting smoking. We’ve all seen the commercials, read the cigarette packs and been lectured by our friends and family. It’s just a difficult habit to break. When we do finally kick it, lots of amazing changes start taking place in our bodies and that leads to less risk of disease, better lung capacity and an overall healthier life.

The way you quit isn’t important as long as you do it. Electronic cigarettes offer people a great way to quit smoking while being able to keep “smoking” and getting nicotine. It’s more of a replacement then an actual quitting device if you keep the nicotine high. By lowering it gradually or using a 0 nicotine cartridge alongside the patch or gum, you can be fully nicotine free in no time.

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Here are some interesting things that happen to you when you quit smoking completely.

Your Oxygen Levels Normalize

This probably sounds pretty obvious but after a day without smoking, the oxygen levels in your bloodstream return to that of a non-smoker. This is an important thing if you’re getting a little older or have any lung issues such as asthma or COPD.

You Regain Senses

Your taste buds regenerate making things taste better and along with this, your sense of smell returns. It takes about a week for this process to happen but when it does, it can actually change your life a little bit. You’ll notice subtle smells around your house and you’ll really notice cigarette smells on clothing, people, and animals or even just in the air. Things you couldn’t smell or taste become much clearer as time progresses.

You lose the “Smoker’s Cough”

That dreaded hacking cough some smokers get is loud, abrasive and annoying. Not just for the cougher but for anyone hanging around. It hits hard in the morning for many people but luckily, it goes away after some time. It could be as early as a week that you wake up and simply feel better in your chest. That heavy feeling simply gets less and less until you wake up one day and it’s gone.

You’ll Live Longer

Isn’t one of our main goals in life to be as happy and healthy as we can be? If you have children, you want to be there to see their milestones like graduations and marriages and one day even grandchildren. Smokers can suffer very high rates of stroke, heart attack, cancer and lung diseases. It’s not the nicotine that causes this; it’s the chemicals and additives found in normal cigarettes and the paper they are rolled in. Switching to electronic cigarettes eliminates most of this but you’ll still get nicotine and that has its own side effects like high blood pressure and addiction.

The first step in completely quitting smoking is to realize the benefits and make the decision that the time has come. You’re sick of spending the money and want to make a positive change. Once you do this, you can look into quit smoking methods like e-cigs, gums, patches or anything you think will really work for you.

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Quit Smoking: How To Make It Happen Like A Pro

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Quitting smoking isn’t fun, it isn’t easy and it takes work. This is what most people think and if you’ve ever tried using conventional methods

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Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes

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Electronic cigarettes have become so popular in the past couple years, you can get them almost anywhere normal tobacco products are sold. These devices are so popular for a few reasons that are simply undeniable. They contain just a couple ingredients, produce pure water vapor when used and can be used everywhere normal tobacco products aren’t allowed.

You can use an electronic cigarette at work, at sporting events, concerts, public parks and even at the workplace. This versatility is comparable to other stop-smoking or smoking replacement items like gums and lozenges but something about e-cigs is just more satisfying. It could be the physical motions you make while using it or simply the way it feels to inhale and exhale the “smoke”.

Here’s some common places you can find e-cigs.

Tobacco Shops – Naturally, the best physical location to find any kind of tobacco or tobacco replacement products is your local smoke shop. More and more of these shops are realizing how popular e-cigs are becoming and have dedicated aisles and displays for various types of e-cig. You can typically find major brands like Blu and Njoy in smokeshops and some are carrying their own branded versions of generic e-cigs at discounted prices as well. You might not find e-juice for refills but you’ll be able to find a nice selection of refills usually.

Gas Stations – Believe it or not, gas stations are a very good place to pick up your very first e-cig. They tend to carry disposable varieties of Njoy and a brand called Cig 2.0 but these are solid products. They don’t last a particularly long time but if you’re in a rental car or traveling with family and don’t want to stop for smoke breaks, this is a perfect choice. A disposable model claims to be equivalent to 2 entire packs of cigarettes and if you equate 3-5 puffs with one cigarette, this is fairly accurate. It’s easy to get carried away and burn through one in just a couple hours but you’re getting a lot more nicotine than you should so use the disposables in short bursts.

Retail Stores – You wouldn’t think stores like Wal-Mart would carry much in the way of tobacco products but lately e-cigs have been popping up on their shelves. You can find disposables and even full starter kits for certain brands at the larger stores. The options should only increase over the coming years as e-cigs become more mainstream and accepted by larger companies.

Online – The first and still the best way to buy electronic cigarettes is to simply order them online. This gives you the most flexibility in the way of prices, accessories and options. You can order directly from manufacturers, get refill e-juices and customize your electronic smoking experience to suit your personal needs and wants. Every brand out there will offer some kind of starter kit and will have a few pages full of refill choices, different chargers and even custom battery stickers for personalization.

Where you get your electronic cigarette is completely up to you and is usually just a matter of convenience. It doesn’t really matter where you get it as long as it’s something you like and can use it where you want.

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Quit Smoking: How To Make It Happen Like A Pro

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Quitting smoking isn’t fun, it isn’t easy and it takes work. This is what most people think and if you’ve ever tried using conventional methods, it’s completely true. We all know that person who simply decided to quit smoking one day and never picked another one up again. How did they do that? They’ll tell you it’s so easy, you just have to do it. If you’ve tried it, you know it’s NOT that easy and they must have used some magic technique they simply won’t share.

Quitting cold turkey is downright impossible for a lot of people who really want to quit smoking but that’s the first method we all try right? If that fails there’s always gum, patches, prescription drugs and other things to help you quit. What do these do and can any of them actually get the job done? Here’s some great tips to help you quit smoking successfully.

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Set a Timeline

Waking up one day and saying “that’s it, I’m done” is a start but in reality it’s not going to work. A better idea is to pick a specific date that’s meaningful to you. A birthday or holiday is a good choice but avoid New Years at all costs. That’s the most popular time to quit and the least successful. Once you have your date selected, let’s back up about 6 weeks. This is going to be your “slow down” period that will lead to you being a non-smoker when your date hits.

Stepping down over time is a good method that has been proved to work with most addictive substances from nicotine to harder drugs like opiates. You can use all kinds of stop-smoking products to help you take this step.

Choose Your Method

You can utilize all sorts of things today to help you quit smoking and most of them will work for people. The question you need to ask yourself is “What will work for me”. We’ve already gone over the common quit smoking products but each one has a particular benefit. Gums are good for those who don’t like the patch, the patch is good if you don’t like the gum, lozenges are sort of in the middle area and prescription medications can get the job done but contain side effects.

A good way to decide what type will work for you is to think about smoking and whether or not the nicotine or the actual act of smoking is what you come back for. Naturally your body wants the nicotine but for many people, it’s the physical motions and inhaling/exhaling smoke that they really need. Obviously you can’t get this with every method but you CAN with e-cigarettes.


E-cigarettes are becoming an extremely quit smoking option and the reasons are pretty clear if you take a look at them. You can use it just like a real cigarette, you can step down the nicotine levels without losing any of the satisfaction you get from smoking and they contain no harmful additives like regular cigarettes do. You can also save a lot of money by using this method as it’s cheaper than prescriptions, patches or gum for the whole step-down period.

Any method that helps you quit smoking successfully can be considered a good method. Some states might offer a couple week supply of patches or gum and if they do, that’s a great way to prepare for quitting completely.

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Side Effects of Quitting Smoking: Are They Harmful?

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Usually you’d associate quitting smoking with only good things like better breathing, better sense of smell and a lower risk of disease but like any harmful substance, when you stop getting nicotine, you’ll experience some side effects. Most of these side effects come in the form of withdrawals both physical and psychological. Today these can be managed very effectively with smoking cessation products and support from quit lines or community programs.

You won’t experience any “traditional” side effects like you see on television commercials usually but you’ll have some strange sensations and various kinds of discomfort, that’s for sure.

Here are some common side effects you might experience when you quit smoking.

Physical Side Effects

The most noticeable and usually the most difficult side effects to deal with are the physical ones. For most people it will be irritability and restlessness that seems to peak at about 3 days without cigarettes and by 7 days tends to be gone completely. It could be shorter or longer, and the severity of these symptoms will vary from person to person. In addition to these you might have some nausea, weakness, muscle/headaches and even slight “flulike” symptoms. Just remember that this will pass in a couple days and try your best to find something to keep your mind active.

Many people find the physical side effects to become unbearable and these first days are extremely crucial to your success. This is when support is super effective because having someone to talk to can help a great deal.

Psychological Side Effects

The mental aspect of quitting smoking can be just as hard as the physical withdrawals. Think about what leads up to you lighting up that cigarette. Is it a certain thing you do? Smoke with your coffee, while on the computer or in your car? It’s very hard to pinpoint sometimes but we usually have a little routine we follow. Keep an eye on this before you quit smoking and try to taper that activity down or eliminate it completely and it will help a lot when that quit day comes. If you always smoke after a meal, try waiting 30 minutes at first then an hour. Chew gum or eat a mint when that “light up now” signal is going off in your head.

Nicotine Replacement

To keep withdrawals to a minimum, there are a lot of products you can use to help. This is where the patch and gum have become pretty famous and more recently, electronic cigarettes. These all help you taper down or replace smoking completely while retaining that nicotine your body is used to. Technically if you’re using a high dose gum, patch or e-cig cartridge, you’re just swapping cigarettes for something else with no real change to what’s entering your bloodstream each day.

Using a taper down method is really the best bet because you’re slowly getting your body accustomed to taking in lower amounts of nicotine over the course of a couple weeks. Some people won’t have any withdrawal symptoms at all when doing this. For others, that psychological part will definitely make itself known and that’s a good time to stop other methods and try an e-cig. You can puff on it after meals and in the car or any other place you normally smoked.

The side effects can be handled by any method you choose but you’ll have a longer and healthier life when you quit.

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Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online For The Best Deals Possible

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You can get most anything online these days and if you’ve ever used any discount shopping sites or bought items directly from the manufacturer, you know this is one of the most affordable methods of all time. You can find coupon codes, discount kits and even free trials of all kinds of products online that you simply can’t get in any physical store. Try going to Wal-Mart and asking them for a free sample or test run of something. It’s just not going to happen.

Deals have simply made their home online and with newsletters and e-mail updates you don’t have to wait for physical coupons or advertisements in the mail. Stores like Amazon.com or websites of major retailers have made shopping online so easy anyone can do it regardless of age or computer experience.

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You can buy electronic cigarettes online on tons of websites including this one you’re on right now! Here’s some tips on finding the best deals on the net.

Buy From the Manufacturer

This should be most people’s choice after doing a little research about the product they are interested in but not their first stop. Think about the last thing you bought online. You probably read some reviews and testimonials first right? This is a good rule that most people naturally seem to follow. It helps ensure you’re spending your money wisely on a quality product that people recommend.

When you buy electronic cigarettes, you may run into some manufacturers that don’t actually sell the product they make on their website. Joyetech is a great example of this. They prefer to let others sell their product with the help of coupons and package deals and it works great for the company and consumers alike. You can still look on the manufacturer’s site to see what’s available, then find reviews from third party sites like THIS ONE.

Always Use Coupon Codes

It seems like a no-brainer but people who aren’t terribly experienced with online shopping may not know about coupon codes. Most products will have some sort of coupon or discount code associated with them and it really pays to hunt these down once you figure out what product you’re going to buy. Review sites will usually have coupon codes and you can also sign up with various sites for coupons delivered right to your inbox on a regular basis.

Always take the time to find good coupons and discount codes. You can find some coupon codes to use when you buy electronic cigarettes on this e-cig review site. You then just put them in when you buy from the manufacturer to save a good amount.

Use Your Judgment

You can tell pretty easily if reviews are legit or if they’re not. If something is all “5 stars” with nothing bad at all, you should be a little suspicious and find more sites to either back that up or disprove it. The same goes with something people rate negatively. There’s a lot of competition online and unfortunately, fake reviews can show up everywhere, even huge sites like Amazon or eBay. Just keep your eyes open for anything that seems a little fishy and you should be just fine.

Always hunt around for good deals too. Something that’s $100 on one site might be on sale somewhere else for a few bucks less or might offer free shipping. Any savings are good savings.

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The Best Way To Quit Smoking: Is There A Single Method?

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Everyone is looking for that magic bullet that will let them quit right away without having to go through any of the difficulties that come with quitting smoking. Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist just yet. Doctors have made quite a bit of progress with prescription medications like Zyban and Chantix over the years but it still isn’t an option for everyone and only works for some.

Traditional methods like quitting cold turkey or chewing gum might work for a select few but for most of us the thing that needs to be overcome is the nicotine. When you quit cold turkey, you will have some withdrawal symptoms for a week to two weeks and if you’re a heavy smoker, these symptoms can be quite severe.

As of 2012 there isn’t really a best way to quit smoking that applies to everyone but here are some tried and true methods.

Nicotine Replacement Products

This is the gum, the patch and the lozenges. These let you keep nicotine going into your body throughout the day to counter potential withdrawal effects but you can’t smoke at all while using these. You can risk overdose and other problems if you smoke while using them because you’re getting double the nicotine your body is used to. These products are popular and have been for many years now but they won’t work for everyone. The problem is some people are hooked on the actual act of smoking. It’s just something they’ve always done and usually at specific times.


Prescriptions come with side effects, a high price tag and some people might not be able to take them due to being on other prescriptions or having allergies. These work for some people pretty well but usually seem to be a last resort option. You can talk to your doctor about this method to see what he recommends. Some prescriptions for smokers are actually anti-depressants so don’t interact well with similar meds.

Electronic Cigarettes

The newer but quite effective method to quit smoking is the electronic cigarette or e-cig. These let you keep that physical act of smoking even after fully giving up normal cigarettes. You can even use them long after giving up nicotine as well. This presents smokers a unique opportunity because stepping down is an option, quitting nicotine but still smoking is an option and simple replacement is an option. It’s this flexibility that people really love about this product. You can even grab a trial kit free.

So what’s the best method to quit smoking? Really it’s the one that actually works for you without causing you that much grief in the process. You can try all of them if you want, just not at once. Maybe you’ll try cold turkey one week, the patch the next, then gum, then the e-cig. You can really formulate a plan that you simply know is what you want to try and what you think will make this attempt to quit smoking your last.

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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes: Methods That Work

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When you first start looking into methods to use to quit smoking, you’ll be bombarded by techniques, systems, plans and products. Trying to get a good feel for how all of these different quit smoking methods work and who they are aimed at is one of the first steps you should take. Is a method made for pack a day smokers or someone who only smokes a couple cigarettes a day? Is this plan for someone in good shape or just an average Joe?

You don’t want to commit to a program that revolves around replacing smoking with something like hiking or jogging if you’re unable to take part in that kind of activity. If you’re active, you might not want to try a program that encourages something sedentary either. This works with anything, not just exercise. If you can’t do it, look for something more your style.

Here’s some popular and proven methods to quit smoking that really work.

Nicotine Replacement Products

We all know about nicotine gum and patches and these really work for a lot of people. The key to success with these products is following their suggested plan to the letter and starting with the highest nicotine level if you’re a heavy smoker. If you smoke a pack a day and jump in at medium strength, you might have some problems. Follow the directions and utilize their extra resources offered. Most of these replacement programs will have a free help or quitline and if you call them, you’ll have a “mentor” to help you set up a schedule and stick to it. You can also have someone to talk to. Quitline people are usually ex-smokers.

Hypnosis and Acupuncture

For a lot of us, these methods to quit smoking will sound a bit silly but they’ve been used for decades with pretty good results. Hypnosis can be done in an office or via online sessions or even audiobooks but acupuncture requires a couple visits to a licensed practitioner. Every few years these methods boom in popularity for a while and are picked up by news stations. It’s worth checking these out, especially if you’ve tried other methods without much luck. You can often find good coupons and double session promotions for local acupuncture clinics.

Electronic Cigarettes

A newer but just as effective method to quit smoking is to use an electronic cigarette or e-cig. These really satisfy because you get nicotine along with the satisfaction of smoking even though you’re not really smoking. You’re inhaling and exhaling water vapor that has nicotine in it. This is one of the safest methods available to quit smoking today and it’s also very affordable. You can get full starter kits for as low as $30 on some websites or larger kits to step down over longer periods for a little more. These products give you the most freedom because you can use them anywhere, can choose exactly how much nicotine you’re getting and wean yourself off nicotine completely while still being able to “smoke” like normal.

These are some of the more popular programs that show you how to quit smoking or offer you an alternative to the dreaded “cold turkey” method. If you’re unsure what method might be the best for you, take some time to do a little research about each of them or ask your family physician what they think.

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